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Top Benefits of Safe Step Walk-in Tubs for Seniors and People with Disabilities


Safe Step Walk in Tubs in Foley, AL, offer numerous benefits tailored specifically for seniors and individuals with disabilities, enhancing both safety and independence in the bathroom. For those with mobility issues, the walk in tub and shower combo provides a secure and accessible bathing option. These tubs are designed to replace the regular tub, integrating features such as grab bars, a door seal, and a low entry step that prevents falls and makes it easier to enter and exit the tub.

One of the most appreciated features is the dual hydrotherapy massage system, which offers relief of pain and aids in the management of conditions like arthritis, often recognized by the Arthritis Foundation. The heated seat adds comfort to the bath experience, especially during colder months, and the handheld shower ensures that users can bathe comfortably and reach all areas without assistance.

Choosing Safe Step means investing in a higher quality of life, with features tailored to the user’s circumstances and mobility needs. From the therapeutic features to the robust customer support and safety enhancements, Safe Step Walk-in Tubs are designed to provide peace of mind and more enjoyable bathing for those facing mobility challenges.

Enhanced Safety and Accessibility

Safe Step Walk-in Tubs prioritize safety and accessibility, ensuring secure and comfortable bathing for the elderly and those with mobility issues. These tubs are equipped with features such as grab bars, a non-slip floor, and a low threshold for easy entry, reducing the risk of falls—a common concern among the elderly.

The installation of these walk-in tubs by a fully insured team, detailed in-home consultations, and robust customer service ensure that every aspect of bathing is safe and tailored to the individual’s circumstances.

Safe Step tubs offer therapeutic benefits such as a handheld shower for easy rinsing, hot water with adjustable water jets for pain relief, and a hybrid tub option that includes both a tub and shower combo. This combination not only enhances the utility of the bathroom but also caters to varying degrees of mobility.

Low Step-In Entry for Easy Access

Safe Step Walk in Tubs feature a low step-in entry, designed to offer easy access and enhance safety for seniors and those with mobility challenges. This key feature minimizes the risk of falls, which are common among elderly people attempting to navigate high bathtub walls.

During the installation process, the tub company ensures that each tub fits seamlessly into the existing tub space, with options for a hybrid tub or shower combo available based on the individual’s needs.

The process includes an in-home consultation to provide accurate costs for installation and custom pricing. The Safe Step team is always ready to be called immediately for assistance, underscoring their commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Moreover, the Safe Step tubs, recognized by the Arthritis Foundation for their therapeutic advantage, offer features such as handheld showers and easy-to-reach controls, enhancing the overall bath experience.

Each tub installation is an investment in safety, comfort, and independence, making Safe Step a recommended choice for enhancing the quality of retirement living.

Experience Industry-leading Low Step-in entry for Safe and Secure Bathing.


Safe Step Walk-In Tubs: Elevate your bath experience with our tub features a low step-in entry that prevents falls and ensures secure access for everyone, especially the elderly.

  • Secure and Independent Bathing: Our walk-in tubs promote bathing alone with a focus on safety. With options like handheld showers and secure door strikers, you can enjoy a more confident and self-reliant bath experience tailored to your circumstances.
  • Comprehensive Customer Service: Contact our dedicated customer service team for more information or to schedule an in-home consultation. We are here to guide you through every step—from choosing your tub to understanding the installation cost.
  • Personalized Solutions: Customize your experience with our various models. Whether you’re looking for relief of pain, arthritis support endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation, or simply a safer bathing solution, our tub company offers custom pricing to fit your financial and personal needs.
  • Safety Features and Enhancements: Each tub is equipped with safety features such as a low and secure entry and ergonomic designs to assist those who experience falls regularly. Enjoy the added comfort of a handheld shower and the reliability of a tub that suits varying degrees of mobility challenges.
  • Installation and Cost: Our team provides detailed information on the installed price and total cost, ensuring transparency from the start. We offer free consultations, often around significant times like Memorial Day weekend, to discuss your options without any pressure.
  • Legal and Financial Guidance: Understanding the investment in a walk-in tub is important. We offer approved credit options and work with legal advisers to ensure you make a well-informed decision based on your own analysis and retirement living goals.


Built-in Grab Bars for Added Support

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When choosing a walk-in tub, safety and accessibility are paramount. Built-in grab bars provide essential support, enhancing the bath experience for anyone who values in bathing alone, particularly the elderly. Safe Step Walk-In Tubs, a leading tub company, understands this need well. Their tubs are designed to ensure safety without compromising on comfort.

For those considering an upgrade from an old tub to a new tub, Safe Step Walk-In Tubs offer built-in grab bars as a standard feature, catering to your circumstances. These grab bars are crucial for preventing slips and falls, making them a significant portion of the tub’s selling points.

Six benefits of built-in grab bars for added support:

  1. Enhanced Safety: built-in grab bar provides extra support, reducing the risk of slips and falls in tub. This feature makes a walk in tub a safe step for seniors and individuals with mobility issues.
  2. Increased Independence: Grab bars allow users to enter and exit the tub independently, preserving their dignity. This is a significant advantage for those who want to maintain their independence.
  3. Added Stability: During bathing, grab bar offer additional stability, making it easier to move around in the tub. This added support is especially beneficial for those with balance issues.
  4. Ease of Use: Built-in grab bars are designed for easy access, making them a practical feature in a walk in tub. They are positioned strategically to provide maximum support and convenience.
  5. Improved Confidence: Knowing that there are grab bars available can boost a user’s confidence when using a walk in tub. This can enhance the overall bathing experience, making it more enjoyable and less stressful.
  6. Versatility: Grab bar are versatile and can be used in various ways, such as assisting with sitting down or standing up. This makes them a valuable feature in a walk in tub, catering to different needs and preferences.

Experience safety and security with built-in grab bars

If you are looking to enhance your safe step walk-in tub with features that promote safety and independence, consider the models with built-in grab bars. They not only reduce the problem of mobility challenges but also ensure a safer and more enjoyable bath experience. For more details or to schedule a home visit, please recommend Safe Step for your next tub purchase.

  • Safe Step Walk-In Tubs prioritize safety with built-in grab bars, essential for stability.
  • Designed for elderly persons requiring support for bathing independently.
  • Tailored features to meet individual circumstances for pain reliefs and enhanced mobility.
  • Investment in transparent installation costs and custom pricing.
  • Direct access to customer service for inquiries about products and features.
  • Detailed tub reviews were available to guide purchasing decisions.
  • Commitment to a smooth installation process, enhancing home safety and comfort.
  • Competitive pricing for a superior bath experience with Safe Step Tubs.

Comfort and Relaxation in Your Walk in Tub

Step into a world of comfort with Safe Step Walk-In Tubs, where every detail is designed to enhance your bath experience. Tailored to meet your own personal circumstances, these tubs offer not just luxury but a gateway to independence.

Enjoy the ease of entry with the low door striker, making it perfect for an elderly person or anyone valuing alone bathing. The Safe Step Walk-In Tub ensures you can enjoy your daily rituals without barriers.

Our tubs are more than a mere addition to your bathroom; they’re a testament to your being. Each tub comes equipped with features aimed at providing therapeutic benefit and pain relief. The gentle jets massage away the stress of the day, enveloping you in warmth and care.

Heated Seats for Relaxation and Pain Relief

Heated seats in a walk-in tub provide an excellent way for individuals to relax and experience relief from pain. The therapeutic benefit of a warm, comfortable seat in the tub enhances the bath experience, promoting peace and bathing independently.

Safe Step Walk-In Tubs offer this feature, focusing on customer safety and comfort. With features like approved credit options and a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects, investing in a Safe Step tub is not only an investment in one’s life but also a smart financial decision.

The tub company’s responsive customer support ensures any queries or concerns are addressed promptly, providing peace of mind to customers. Whether it’s a lower back ache or just a desire for a peaceful retreat, a Safe Step walk-in tub with heated seats can transform your daily routine into a soothing escape.

Enjoy a warm and comfortable bathing experience with heated seats

Experience the warmth and comfort of a safe step walk-in tub, designed to enhance your bath experience. Each tub features heated seats, ensuring a cozy environment that promotes relaxation and bathing alone.

Safe Step Walk-In Tubs are not just a product; they represent an investment in your safety and independence. With options like in-tub seating and easy-access designs, these tubs cater to those who value comfort without sacrificing style.

Our customer support team is always ready to assist, ensuring that you have all the tracking information and support you need.

Using Safe Step Walk-in Tubs: benefits of a warm and comfortable bathing experience with heated seats

  1. Enhanced Comfort: Heated seats in tubs provide a cozy, warm environment that enhances the overall comfort of your bath.
  2. Muscle Relaxation: The warmth from the heated seats helps in relaxing muscles, reducing stiffness and pain, which is beneficial for those with joint issues or arthritis.
  3. Increased Safety: Safe step walk-in tubs are designed with safety in mind, featuring in-tub heated seats that allow for easy transitions and reduce the risk of slips and falls.
  4. Independent Bathing: With features like easy access and supportive seats, these tubs foster bathing, empowering users to manage their hygiene safely and comfortably.
  5. Quality Assurance: Each walk-in tub comes with a more than one-year warranty and is supported by a tub company committed to high standards, as reflected in positive tubs reviews.
  6. Responsive Customer Support: The company’s customer support personnel are readily available to assist with any queries or issues, ensuring a reliable point of contact for all your needs.
  7. Investment in Well-being: Investing in a nice model from safe step walk-in tubs means investing in your health and well-being, with features that support both physical and mental health.
  8. Cost-effectiveness: Despite offering high-quality features and benefits, these tubs are available at a lower price, providing significant value for your investment.
  9. Assured Financing: Approved credit options are available, making it easier to invest in a tub that suits your needs without financial strain.
  10. Transparent Information: The tub company ensures that all necessary tracking information and details are provided to customers, making the purchasing process clear and straightforward.

Aromatherapy for a Soothing Experience

Aromatherapy in a bathing context involves using essential oils and aromatic compounds in a walk-in tub to enhance physical and emotional well-being. Here’s how it works and its benefits, especially when considering features like those offered by safe step walk-in tubs

How It Works:

Integration with Bathing: Aromatherapy can be integrated into the bathing experience by adding essential oils directly into the tub water or using diffusers in the bathroom environment.

Essential Oils: Common oils used include lavender for relaxation, eucalyptus for respiratory health, and chamomile for soothing nerves.


  1. Enhanced Relaxation: The scents from essential oils can significantly enhance relaxation during a bath in a walk-in tub.
  2. Stress Reduction: Aromatherapy helps reduce stress levels, providing a calming atmosphere that complements the warm water of the tub.
  3. Improved Mood: The fragrances used in aromatherapy can uplift spirits, reduce anxiety, and improve overall mood.
  4. Respiratory Benefits: Certain oils, like eucalyptus, help open up the airways, making breathing easier and more comfortable.
  5. Skin Benefits: Many essential oils have antibacterial and hydrating properties that benefit the skin, especially when soaked in during a bath.
  6. Sleep Improvement: Aromatherapy is known to promote better sleep, especially when used in an evening bath in a safe step-in tub.
  7. Pain Relief: The combination of warm water and soothing scents can alleviate body aches and pains, which is beneficial for those with chronic pain or arthritis.
  8. Customer Support: A reliable customer support person is available to guide how to best use aromatherapy features in your tub, ensuring you get the most out of your bathing experience.
  9. Investment in Well-being: Integrating aromatherapy into your walk-in tub experience is an investment based on enhancing your well-being and comfort at home.
  10. Ease of Access: Modern walk-in tubs, like those from Safe Step, often come equipped with features that make it easy to incorporate aromatherapy into your routine, adding significant value to your investment.

Electronic Keypad for Simple Operation

An electronic keypad in a walk-in tub offers an easy and convenient way to control various features of the tub.

Control Interface: An electronic keypad is a user-friendly interface that allows you to control the features of your walk-in tub.

Functions: It typically controls water temperature, jet settings, lighting, and other customizable features within the tub.

Customize your bathing experience with a simple press of a button and an electronic keypad for easy access

You can customize your bath experience with a simple press of a button. Our electronic keypad allows for easy access to the features of your in-tub system. When you choose a walk-in tub, you get more than just convenience; you invest in your comfort and safety.

Our customer service contact information is always available to help you with any questions or concerns you might have. As a leading tub company, we pride ourselves on providing reliable products and excellent customer service.

Health Benefits of Walk-in Tubs


A walk-in tub offers a safe and convenient bathing solution for those with issues with mobility. By providing easy access, a walk-in tub ensures a comfortable and alone bath experience. Our tub company offers various models to meet different needs and budgets, making it a wise investment based on both health and safety.

If you have any questions or concerns, our customer service contact information is available to assist you. Here are five health benefits of using a walk-in tub:

  • Improved Safety: A step walk-in tub features a low entry threshold and handrails, making it a safe step option to prevent slips and falls. This is particularly beneficial for seniors and individuals with mobility challenges.
  • Therapeutic Relief: Many walk-in tubs include hydrotherapy jets that provide therapeutic relief for muscle pain and joint stiffness. This feature can enhance circulation and promote relaxation, making it a valuable investment for your health.
  • Stress Reduction: The deep soaking experience in a walk-in tub can help reduce stress and promote overall relaxation. This model tub offers a serene and calming environment, perfect for unwinding after a long day.
  • Enhanced Skin Health: Regular soaking in a walk-in tub can help keep your skin hydrated and clean, which is beneficial for individuals with certain skin conditions. The therapeutic properties of the water can aid in maintaining healthier skin.
  • Increased Independence: A walk-in tub allows individuals to bathe independently, preserving their dignity and boosting their confidence. The only problem might be selecting the best model for your needs, but our company responds promptly to assist you in information tracking and any other inquiries.

Improved Circulation and Mobility for Better Health

A walk-in tub offers therapeutic benefit that improve circulation and mobility. The hydrotherapy jets in tub models provide relief for sore muscles and stiff joints. This feature is a valuable investment for anyone seeking to enhance their overall health.

Our tub company ensures that each safe step-in tub is designed to provide maximum comfort and health benefits.

Enhanced Safety and Independence

A step walk-in tub features a low entry threshold and built-in handrails, making it a safe step for seniors and those with mobility issue. This design reduces the risk of falls and allows for bathing alone. Investing in a walk-in tub enhances safety, providing peace of mind. If you need any assistance, our customer service contact information is always available.

Easy to Clean and Maintain for a Hassle-Free Experience

Keeping a walk-in tub clean is straightforward due to its design. The smooth surfaces and easy-to-reach areas make maintenance simple, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Choosing a model from our tub company ensures durability and ease of use. Our company responds promptly to any maintenance concerns, providing reliable customer service.

Convenience and Practicality of Walk-in Showers

Walk-in tubs offer the convenience of a shower with the added benefits of a bath. This dual functionality makes them practical for daily use. The shower cost is offset by the long-term benefits of having a versatile bathing solution. Our safe step-in tubs provide a practical investment based on your needs and preferences.

Space-Saving Design for Maximum Comfort

A walk in tub is designed to fit into existing bathroom spaces without requiring extensive renovations. This space-saving design maximizes comfort while maintaining functionality. Despite offering a lower price compared to other solutions, our walk-in tubs do not compromise on quality. Our information tracking system ensures you stay updated on your order, and we strive to keep low reviews by delivering exceptional products.




Safe Step walk in tubs offer numerous benefits for seniors and people with disabilities, ensuring a safe and comfortable bath experience. One of the primary advantages is the enhanced safety features, such as low step entries and built-in grab bars, which significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls in tub.

These features promote independent bathing, allowing users to maintain their dignity and confidence. For any questions or assistance, the customer support line and customer service manager are always available to help.

Investing in a Safe Step walk in tub can also improve the quality of life for seniors and people with disabilities by extending their remaining life through better health management. These tubs are designed for easy maintenance and durability, making them a long-term solution for safe and comfortable bathing. Our customer service manager and support team are dedicated to providing excellent service, ensuring that all your needs are met.

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